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About Counselling / Psychotherapy

About Counselling, Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy

Some people prefer individual therapy and others do better in group psychotherapy. This is both a personal choice as well as a consideration of the specific problem you want to address. Financially group therapy is more cost effective given that my fee for an individual therapy session of one hour is 50 and the fee for a group therapy session of 90 minutes is 25. The lower price of group therapy is due to economics of scale and does not mean that group psychotherapy is a lesser form of therapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy
There are different approaches of counselling and psychotherapy, really the style of counselling or psychotherapy that is used.

My approach is based on a psychodynamic perspective with existential and person centred humanistic aspects. I aim to empathize with the client's experience of themselves and the world and aim to facilitate a safe environment supporting the client in his journey toward self-actualization and growth.

Deciding to go into therapy and choosing a therapist could feel daunting, however, it could be the best thing you ever did for yourself. It could help you to have emotional healing and to discover a more enjoyable and meaningful life. It would be worthwhile to remember that the first session is an assessment session where both the therapist and the client have the opportunity to see whether they would be able to work together. Trust your intuition despite possibly feeling anxious, it is important that it feels right to you.

The relationship between the therapist and client is considered to be of cardinal importance in helping clients to deal with the problems that prompted them to seek help in the first place. It is therefore really important to feel understood and feel that over time you would be able to talk about very personal issues with your counsellor or therapist. This relationship develops over time sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but it is important to feel that this could become a safe space for you.

Group Psychotherapy
Group psychotherapy has been an effective and well-established form of psychotherapy for over sixty years in the UK. Group psychotherapy offers an opportunity for people experiencing problems in their personal life and relationships, both to explore the reasons for these problems and to do something about them.

Other people in the group may not have the exact same problems as you, but all group members will have many things in common. It will be very important to speak honestly about yourself and your situation.

Emotional difficulties and personal problems that may have lasted for many years will not disappear after a few weeks of therapy. You should expect to persist with attendance in the group and give enough of your time and effort to work through your problems in order to achieve lasting benefit.

Group members are expected to keep what they hear about others in absolute confidence and should not discuss what you hear with anyone outside the group. Group members are strongly discouraged from meeting with each other outside the group in order for the group to remain a ‘’stranger group’’.

There are groups who meet once a week and groups that meets twice a week.
A group therapy session lasts 90 minutes (one-and-a-half hours).

I meet with the potential group member for one or more one-to-one assessment sessions to see whether group therapy would be a good idea for the particular problem and whether the person would be able to relate to other group members in the group.
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